Twenty years EOLC weekend - Anniversary event

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Twenty years EOLC weekend - Anniversary event

Beitrag von Fabian » Do Mär 07, 2019 5:33 pm

"Twenty years EOLC weekend - Anniversary event

Saturday 16 March 2019, 19:00h CET

Spa (5 laps)

Rouen (10 laps)

Kyalami (13 laps)

Monza (10 laps)

Sunday 17 March 2019, 19:00h CET

Silverstone (13 laps)

Mexico (11 laps)

Watkins Glen (18 laps)

The same point scoring system as for the Ringnacht.

Optimize your result by driving all seven cars, but chassis choice is complety free.

The race length is about 1/3 of a Challenge Cup race.

No reruns this time to ensure the events don't end too late in the evening :!:

You can join us for the complete event or for just one evening to congratulate EOLC :) "

Anmeldung/Registration (not mandatory but nice to know for planning the event): ... 0d8db71dd2


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