[Fun Race] 23.07.2019 - Isle of Man - F1 1965 Mod

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Stefan Roess
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Re: [Fun Race] Isle of Man - F1 1965 Mod - 23.07.2019

Beitrag von Stefan Roess » Do Jul 25, 2019 8:01 am

Thx for the feedback guys.
Nice that you enjoyed it. I also did. :)
I was a bit under stress as I got home late just before the start.
While you all were joining I was taking care of my Pizza. :)
After the rally start, I had to care for stuff at home, that`s why I joined later.
But I still had enough time for three laps.

Grats to Paul for the fastest lap and winning. :clap:
I guess a fast driver could even manage a 17 minutes lap with a 65 car.

Next time I will set such an event at the weekend. That will make it easier for drivers of different time zones.
I know Jim Pearson wanted to join us but our start time was 4 a.m. for him. :shifty:

Technical problems we had:
Fabian: Freeze
Pedro: CTD

Do you guys remember the area (maybe even the corner name) where it happened?
Maybe it is something that can be solved by Jim?
Did anyone else have a CTD or freeze?

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Re: [Fun Race] Isle of Man - F1 1965 Mod - 23.07.2019

Beitrag von GrandPrixYannick » Do Jul 25, 2019 8:34 am

I forgot the event started at 20.00 instead of 20.30 :D

My main goal was just to do a couple of laps, gettingthe track yo know a little better.
I think I had about five complete laps on the circuit and still hadn't it quite down.
Set two laps but overall I missed out a fair bit. 18 minutes should be possible for me.

I got 17:46 in the 67 cars, still 30 seconds off on Robert's lap.
Should spent a bit more time on the circuit :)

Thanks for hosting, was fun getting to know the track better.
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Paul Skingley
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Re: [Fun Race] Isle of Man - F1 1965 Mod - 23.07.2019

Beitrag von Paul Skingley » Do Jul 25, 2019 3:58 pm

Thanks for organising.
Thanks all that turned out to race.
It was good to see Greg and Kieth on our server as well as the usual suspects :D

I have done most of my laps with 65mod. First with the Cooper and then the Lotus.
The impression of speed is like no other GPL track and the track is so immersive which means I had already done lots of laps :)

Even though I was starting to learn the whole track I still made mistakes in two slower laps before my 3rd and fastest lap.
In the last minutes I had another try but ruined the lap in the last few miles.
I think I could do sub 18:20 with a good clean lap but it was not to be on the night.

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