07-08-2018 - GPLRACER FUN RACE - 67x - Monza

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07-08-2018 - GPLRACER FUN RACE - 67x - Monza

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GPLRACER 67x Fun race



Date: 07.08.2018 Tuesday evening

2x Race: int/short - unlimited shift/r

Time: 20:30 CET (19.30 UK)

Qualification: 25 min

Laps: 16

Mod: 67x mod ( 67 extra v3 online version )

Track: Monza

The event starts at our normal Tuesday time 20.30 CET

Two int/short races

Race 1 - 25 mins qualification - 25 minute race ( approx )

Race 2 - Race 1 finishing positions reversed - 25 minute race ( approx )

From GPLRACER chat room the admin will instruct each driver when they can join the server for race 2.
Whoever finished last in race 1 joins first etc.....

Drivers must NOT pit out for race 2. There is no qualification period.

When all drivers are on the server the admin forwards GPL to the race.

Event Registration
Please register here if you want to join this fun race.
Please press the corresponding button above.

"teilnehmen" button = participate / yes, I will race
"unsicher" button = unsure / I don`t know yet
"absagen" button = cancel / no I won`t race

Ein GPLRACER-Server ist rund um die Uhr bei iGOR online.
[A GPLRACER server is online 24/7 at iGOR.]

Wenn du keine Rennliste in iGOR sehen kannst, stelle sicher, dass du die neueste IP hast. Siehe hier:
[If you don`t see a race list in iGOR make sure you have the latest IP. See here:]

[Time Zones]:
http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-z ... y/time.htm

67x mod Download
Download: http://srmz.net/index.php?showtopic=12389

Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten (GPL)
[Recommended Driver Behavior]


http://wiki.grandprixlegends.info/index ... _Behaviour

Good luck & fun!
Your GPLRACER admins


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